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Welcome to SOCAP Australia's Resource Centre

SOCAP Australia is committed to providing members the opportunity to access or purchase resources in order to assist in professional development.

If you have any recommendations for interesting and helpful publications that you have read, please email SOCAP and we will add them to our list of references.

SOCAP Members have access to our searchable archive of articles from past issues of Consumer Directions and past Symposium papers and presentations.

Link to our bookstore here for interesting, helpful and insightful reads as suggested by members, facilitators and presenters.

Member Only Resources

Resources for All

SOCAP Australia Soundbytes

SOCAP International Interviews 

 PodcastsClick through to listen to 7 - 8 minute podcasts

  • Clare Petre, Ombudsman, EWON & Lifetime Acheivement Awards recipient 
  • Anton Fernando, Customer Advocacy Team Leader, Lumo Energy & Rising Star Award winner
  • Treasure Jennings, General Manager Operations, EWOV
  • Tina Dougherty, Director Customer Service, WorkCover NSW
  • Chris Wheeler, Deputy Ombudsman, NSW Ombudsman
  • Janine Young, Ombudsman, Public Transport Victoria
  • Andrew Ronfeldt, Customer Relations Manager, Toyota Finance
  • Andy Roger, Director Stakeholder Relations, Inland Revenue Department, New Zealand
  • Hear from our Award winners from 2010 onwards

SOCAP Complaint Professional Certification Scheme

SOCAP Complaints Professional Certification Scheme now launched

Register today to become a SOCAP Certified Complaint Professional

Shape your profession and industry

The SOCAP Complaints Professional Certification Scheme recognises excellence so that all consumer affairs and complaints management professionals, and the general public, will benefit from high standards of practice.

Click through to Itunes and hear from a range of industry leaders including:Itunes

  • Micah Solomon, author of the new bestseller "High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Care," speaking about unzipped flies, Italian mamas and how it all relates to GREAT customer care
  • Cliff Moore, Chairman and Co-Founder of COPC, discussing the results, insights and best practices gleaned COPC's extensive global experience in the contact center space
  • Social Media Monitoring with David Alston, Chief Marketing Officer at Radian6
  • [VIDEO] Zappos Customer Care - Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh
  • Social CRM: What Are Companies Doing? - Cliff Moore, COPC, Inc.
  • Improving Call Center Operations - Julie Gauthier of Desjardins
  • Social Customer Care - Frank Eliason, Senior Vice President at Citi
  • "Do the Right Thing: How Dedicated Employees Create Loyal Customers and Large Profits - Jim Parker, former CEO of Southwest Airlines

Quick Links to FREE Resources for SOCAP membersROI of Complaints


  • SAI Global provides flexible information services to both access and manage Standards, Technical Publications, Legislation and Codes from around the globe.

Useful articles from Consumer Directions (SOCAP's quarterly magazine for members)

Should you have any further questions please email us.

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