Ensure your complaints team reaches peak performance

Having national certified complaints professionals on your team identifies your organisation as a leader in customer care and complaints management with a professional team working at a national standard of best practice.

The provision of continuing professional development points provides for ongoing learning and professional growth for your team members - from frontline staff to senior management - with certification requiring 100 CPD points for attainment and renewal every two years.

Beyond the regular benefits of being a SOCAP member, organisations with certified staff also experience:

A better customer experience (CX): SOCAP certified complaint professionals are better equipped to provide a more positive outcome for consumers – especially at that “make or break” moment of a complaint.

A better business performance: Ensuring team members are using cutting-edge, best practices in complaints management to improve business results and retain customers.

Consistency of service across the team: Since there is no university degree in ‘complaints management’, certification ensures everyone is performing at the same and raises the bar of consumer service delivery for effective complaints management.

Career development plan:  For many SOCAP members, certification plays a central role in complaint staff career development plans.  

Staff engagement and retention: Investing in your team’s certification leads to better workplace engagement, satisfaction and retention.  

Professional development through CPD can be matched to your organisation’s particular workforce learning needs. This allows organisations to structure learning and development across teams, business units and whole of organisations.

CPD points can be tallied from compulsory and elective units and include modes of learning such as face-to-face workshops, conference attendance, literature reading, mentoring, attending communities of practice and in-house professional development.


Or, for more information on how your organisation can get involved in certification, contact certification@socap.org.au or call the SOCAP office on 02 9167 8119.

Answering the 3 most common employer certification questions:

1. How much does it cost?
It only costs $165 per person to apply for certification.  The only required training for all certified professionals is Ethics for Complaint Professionals – an online module provided by SOCAP ($355). All other CPD points can be accrued through your organisation’s own training, supervisor reference and attending free community networking events.  Alternatively, all paid-training from SOCAP contributes to CPD points.

2. How much time does it take?
It really depends on which path you take.  If doing training for CPD points or attending networking events, some sessions are as short as 90 mins.  Supervisor reference letters should take your manager or team leader no longer than 30 mins to consider and write.  Those who compile case studies of their experience for points tend to take longer as they need to gather the relevant examples – however they also find that experience very rewarding as they take inventory of all they’ve accomplished.  

3. Is anything compulsory?
Two certification components have been specially developed for the program, as a result of member consultation: For all members the Ethics in Complaint Handling online module is compulsory; And for new entrants to the profession (less than 12 months) the comprehensive SOCAP Customer Service and Complaints Management 101 education is compulsory.