Which path to certification is right for you?

No matter where you are in your complaints career, there is a pathway to certification that will work around your availability, experience and budget. 100 points are needed and can be obtained through many combinations of the following:

Category A: 40 points each:
• Supervisor reference
• Training: Ethics for Complaint Professionals  
• Training: Customer Service and Complaints Management 101 (if under 12 months experience)
• Other training: via SOCAP or other approved provider courses
• Conference attendance

Category B: 20 points each:
• On-the-job training
• Mentoring
• In-house training
• Attend SOCAP Community of Practice events

Category C: 10 points each (30 max per application):
• Reading industry literature
• Community activities (in person or online)
• Peer reference

3 easy steps to get certified:
1.    Plan your path.  Once you’ve registered to become certified, determine how many points you already have (if any) and decide how you are going to reach 100 points.
2.    Accrue points.  Engage and accrue points through training, attending events, receiving references or other activities listed above in categories A, B or C.
3.    Submit application.  Attach the relevant paperwork and if the assessor approves it, you’re certified!  We will help you announce it and begin using post nominals “SOCAP CP”

Some common pathways to 100 points for certification may include (but are not limited to)…

For those with less than 12 months complaints experience:
• Customer Service and Complaints Management 101 training (required if less than 12 months experience)
• Ethics for Complaint Professionals training (online module - required)
• Supervisor reference

For those with 1-3 years complaints experience, you might do some combination of:  
• Ethics for Complaint Professionals training (online module - required)
• Attending community networking events
• Intermediate training or public training from SOCAP or others
• Supervisor reference

For those with 3+ years complaints experience, you might do: 
• Ethics for Complaint Professionals training (online module - required)
• Mentoring (up to 10 hours across 2 years)
• Advanced training from SOCAP or others
• Supervisor reference

Certification can be customised to every individual based on their industry and career goals, and we will help you determine a path that works around your schedule and experience level.

New SOCAP Complaints Professional Certification renewal news

To continuously improve our service offerings, we have conducted a full review of the SOCAP Complaints Professional Certification and renewal. As a result, requirements for renewing your SOCAP Complaints Professional certification have been updated, streamlined, and are effective from July 2020. 
The table below illustrates changes to the renewal of your Complaints Professional Certification 


Current System NEW System
Attain 100 CPD points for renewal  Attain 60 CPD points for renewal with no compulsory units
Compulsory Unit – Ethics for Complaints Handlers Refresher CPD units (60) can be tallied through any combination of Category A, B, C units of Certification and Assessment 
Ongoing and additional Supervisor Reference is required for renewal.  Supervisor Reference is no longer required for renewal.
Submit renewal with new Application Form  Applicant applying for Certification renewal can utilise a self-service model through their personal My Certification portal on the SOCAP website.
Renewal fee $165 New renewal fee reduced to $65


SOCAP will also be announcing new and exciting developments throughout the remainder of this year for members wishing to undertake certification for the first time.

  • All certified SOCAP Complaints Professional must be current financial members of SOCAP. 
  • All current SOCAP Certified Complaints Professionals will be notified regarding the updates for renewal and how it impacts them.  

If you’d like, feel free to call SOCAP to discuss the best path to certification for you or your team: 02 9167 8119 (or email certification@socap.org.au)

Or, check out the most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re ready to register for certification, click below: