Reducing Complaints Through a 5 Whys Root Cause Action Plan

Business Transformation
23 February 2021
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4.30pm AEDT
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Prevent recurring, significant problems/complaints and reduce costs

Recurring complaints often come at a high cost for organisations with direct impact on the bottom line. Identification of the real reason behind the recurrences not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty but has additional benefits including cost savings through issue prevention, fraud prevention, reduction of compensation claims, penalties and complaint costs. Intangible benefits also include containment of negative PR, protection of the brand and the positive impact on corporate culture. 

Attend this 4-hour interactive workshop to discover how to identify the root cause of what is causing complaints. You will deep dive into the causes of complaints using the 5 Whys technique and develop an action plan to future proof your organisation from the same complaints. Participants will learn from real problems and issues analysed in this hands on style. 


  • Examining the causation and triggers of complaints  
  • Deep dive into the causes of complaints using the 5 Whys technique
  • Preventing recurring and significant issues with cross functional team collaboration 
  • Considering the ROI of effective complaint handling 
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty with improved brand reputation 
  • Creating a positive corporate culture through team collaboration 
  • How to make service and product improvements that stick 

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