Written Communication for Complaint Handling

Customer Service Excellence
20 October 2020
Start Time
9.30am AEDT
End Time
1.30pm AEDT
Virtual Classroom
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SOCAP Australia
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Written communication is a core skill that complaint professionals need, since highly effective written responses to complaints received by letter and email will reduce complaint escalation and ultimately cut the cost of complaints. Thoughtfully crafted communications can potentially turn negative experiences into positive experiences, help retain the customer and improve brand perceptions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of effective written communication
  • Learn the how and when to write vs. call
  • Learn to strategise a letter: being clear on its purpose and message
  • Understand how to use appropriate language for different audiences
  • Develop a structure for letters for maximum impact and saving time in the future
  • Master writing etiquette: personalisation vs. precedent letters and scripts
  • Learn to explain complex matters, reframe negatives and communicate bad news through words
  • Learn to write an apology letter in your organisation’s voice
  • Discover common problems with written correspondence in complaint handling

Members: $449 per person
Non-members: $649 per person

**Please call the SOCAP office on 02 9167 8119 or email socap@socap.org.au, to be added to the waitlist or register your interest. 

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