De-escalating the Agitated Caller for Complaint Handlers

Consumer Behaviour and Wellbeing
02 March 2021
Start Time
9:30am AEDT
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1:30pm AEDT
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Explore factors that can result in a person becoming distressed, communication roadblocks, and respectful, appropriate and empowering response skills.

Callers may present as agitated for one of a number of reasons, including anger, mental illness, suicidal ideation or crisis unrelated to your business. Responding to an agitated caller will explore reasons that may have led to this distressed state, roadblocks to communication, and the skills required to respond in a way that is respectful, appropriate and empowering.

Participants will be provided with Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd's unique “5 E’s Framework for Difficult Conversations.”  Creating boundaries - of the role, organisational and personal - are a strong theme that run throughout the course.  

Specific conversational skills are covered, and participants will learn how to respond to a caller who threatens violence, self-harm or suicide.

Debriefing, self-care and accessing EAP (employee assistance programs) are important modules also covered in this training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognising signs of distress/anger/mental illness
  • Understanding and overcoming communication roadblocks
  • Response skills (framework for difficult conversations and conversational micro skills)
  • How to listen for people experiencing difficulty
  • How to contain calls and de-escalate anger
  • Applying organisational policy for safety checks
  • Understand why it is difficult for each party to end a call
  • Shed light on subconscious biases held by complaint handlers
  • Establish boundaries (of the role/policy/personal)
  • Learn debriefing techniques and self-care

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Non-members: $649 per person

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