First of its kind research that quantifies the social return on investment of effective complaint handling

The Return on Investment of Effective Complaints Management: Public Sector Organisations Report found that for every dollar that a public organisation spends on effectively handling complaints, the organisation can reap up to a $5 ROI.

The research highlights the importance of public organisations quantifying the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of effective complaints handling. SROI considers the social benefits of effective complaint handling, such as increased customer trust in the organisation and enhanced perceptions of fairness and equity.

While we’ve always known social equity and respect are integral to all services provided by public organisations, this research provides a clear case that providing complaint management that is timely, accessible, respectful and fair is not only essential for best practice; it is also financially beneficial.

The report provides managerial implications and recommendations which can assist organisations in measuring and monitoring their SROI.




Checklist - Best Practice for Public Sector


The ROI of Effective Complaints Management Report was undertaken by the University of Newcastle for SOCAP Australia. An industry based collaborative steering committee included  Department of Customer Service, Commonwealth Ombudsman, NZ Ombudsman, Ombudsman Energy and Water QLD, NSW Ombudsman, SA Ombudsman, VIC Ombudsman and WA Ombudsman


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