The Science of Storytelling: Winning Commitment Within Your Organization

Are you trapped in an exhausting cycle of trying to demonstrate the value of customer service? Effectively telling your customer service story at scale requires service leaders understand the science of storytelling. Beyond just visualizing data, mastering these steps will help you get people to open their hearts and tell you what it’s really like to be your customer. More importantly, it will help you package this information in ways that move your teams to action – and commitment.

In a world awash with data, facts don’t always speak for themselves. Data by itself rarely creates change. Storytelling will help you explain insights to your teams and help them understand why they matter.

In this session, you’ll learn the science of stories that stick in our memory and move us emotionally. We’ll show practical examples of powerful techniques used everywhere from the New York Times’ Bestseller List to your favorite Netflix series to consistently win your internal audience.


  • Definition of storytelling vs. journalism (according to Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin) and why it’s critical for you to understand it
  • Why Titanic not just a story about a ship that sinks
  • Story curation tools you’ll use to automate storytelling every day in your company

Lisa P. Oswald is senior vice president of global customer service, in support of Travelzoo’s 28 million members and clients worldwide. Well-versed in travel, previously she was vice president of operations and customer service for, where she lead sales and service for the dot com and its affiliate partner network, from start-up through a decade-plus of transformational change. Lisa is a former Director of SOCAP International, and is an Advisory Board member with Execs In The Know, a global community of customer experience executives. In 2018, Travelzoo was named the People’s Choice Stevie Award Winner for Favorite Customer Service in the travel and hospitality industry.


Max Israel is the founder and CEO of Customerville, the design-driven customer experience management platform that has revolutionized consumer surveys.
Max founded Customerville over a decade ago in response to a problem: He was the owner of a chain of retail stores in the United States and needed a way to put clear information about how customers perceived their experiences directly into the hands of his employees. Customerville registered what was among the first real-time customer feedback surveys on the Internet, where employees were directly connected to their customers’ experience.

As Customerville – and feedback surveys – became mainstream, Israel was troubled by the rising tide of poor-quality surveys driving a steady fall in response rates and feedback quality.  Beyond bad feedback, he saw that clumsy surveys damaged brands in the eyes of their customers.

His response was to reset expectations for what a survey could be – and the technology used to create them. Surveys should be brand-building experiences in and of themselves, which leave customers with the warm feeling of being listened-to.  Feedback shared within companies should leave employees feeling energized, involved and engaged in their part of creating great customer experience.

Customerville has worked with brands in over 20 countries and in a wide variety of sectors, including travel, hospitality, medicine, insurance, banking and retail.  Max is excited about the future of Customerville within the ever-changing and adapting CX space.

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