Online self-paced modules

Assisting Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances
Duration: 90 minutes 
SOCAP Members - (1-200 people): $120 per person
Non-members: $160 per person

This self-paced online learning module provides team members with best practices in identifying and empathising with issues of vulnerability and memorable practical tools needed to handle tough situations. 

Participants will learn skills to recognise and assess vulnerability, stabilise conversations for themselves and customers.


Ethics for Complaint Professionals 
Duration: 90 minutes
SOCAP Members: $355 per person
Non-members: $550 per person
Complaint teams handle difficult situations and serve as the intermediary between a disgruntled consumer and the organisation – though the two may have divergent needs. Knowing how to respond ethically is critical for success in these times of increased public and regulatory scrutiny.  

You will also learn how an organisation’s values and principles guide ethical business behaviour, as well as how to manage ethical issues and disclose and manage conflicts of interest. 

This essential program is delivered online for convenience and accessibility and is structured as three modules of learning.