The independent perspective your business needs to grow

To a certain degree, every business operates within its own bubble.  And sometimes that bubble needs to be popped.   

Companies tell us what they need most is for an independent, outside perspective on their complaint management process and capabilities – answering questions like:
• What are we doing right?
• What could we be doing better?
• What can we learn from other companies' successes / mistakes?
• How do we measure success/ROI in complaints?

To answer these questions, we offer the SOCAP Business Check Up: a truly bespoke review of your complaint management process and team. Services may include:
1.    An audit / review of your existing complaint management framework – assessing for compliance with AS/NZ 10002:2014 Australian Standard 
2.    An audit / review of your existing skills and professional development matrix
3.    Guidance on how to use complaints for true business transformation and calculate the ROI of your complaint management system
4.    Team capability assessment: strengths, skill gaps, create professional development plans
5.    Wellbeing and resilience training for team leaders / executives
6.    Road mapping - functional measures and outcomes with steps for implementing findings
7.    Follow-up coaching and check-ins  

Simply call us on 02 9167 8119 (or email to discuss how SOCAP Business Check Up could benefit your organisation, and we’ll be happy to put together an obligation-free, proposal for you.
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