Better for business, better for customers, better for YOU

Becoming a SOCAP member leads to advantages on three levels:

1. Improved business performance:
• We’re partnered with the University of Newcastle to prove the ROI of effective complaints management (more info here) but members also tell us they experience.
• Business confidence - certainty the business is adhering to modern, best practices and frameworks in complaint management
• Improved team performance metrics – clearer KPIs, the ability to achieve them, and calculate their value for continuous investment
• Complaint prevention - a reduction in complaints once consumer feedback is used for business transformation

2. More engaged complaints staff: 
• Staff confidence and capability – knowing they are handling complaint cases to the best of their ability, using cutting edge techniques
• Retention – teams that perform well are happier and less stressed; they feel more valued 
• Peer respect and job stability – when an organisation better understands complaint management, it sees the value and is willing to invest in the team 
• Mental and emotional wellbeing – achieved through resilience and emotional IQ training in this high-pressure field 

3. Increased customer satisfaction: When a customer or member of the public engages with a SOCAP member, they are more likely to experience… 
• A fair and transparent outcome for all
• Improved brand perceptions and reputation – since their complaint was handled professionally 
• Nuance and empathy - special needs are met, especially with the increase and awareness of vulnerable consumers