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Revised General Insurance Code of Practice impact on your customer service

Tuesday 18, Feb 2020

The General Insurance Code of Practice, released by the Insurance Council of Australia Board in January, sets out new standards for insurers, distributors, service suppliers and claims investigation. 

SOCAP supports assistance for people experiencing vulnerability and financial hardship. 

These standards include information that is important to communicate to customers about expected investigation process timeframes and how the investigation interview should be handled.

Organisations are to have implemented policies supporting people affected by family violence and conditions for customers who are experiencing mental health conditions by July 2020, and complete implementation of The Code by January 2021.  To download the new Code visit:

Many SOCAP members are already meeting some of the training requirements by being primed in recognising and assessing vulnerability to help stabilise conversations with customers. Find out more on our SOCAP Assisting Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances program.