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The relevance of ethics to you and your organisation

Friday 14, Aug 2020

Along with good corporate governance, ethical behaviour is an integral part of everything an organisation does. From the impacts of the rise of AI on commerce and the consumer experience to the unconscious gender bias that can exist in any workplace, including complaints management services, organisations must take steps to strengthen their ability to make fairer, better-informed decisions for both the consumer and the organisation. 

Dr Catriona Wallace, an international expert in AI technology, speaks of the hidden bias in AI, raising the issue of conscious or unconscious individual and societal biases being passed on to customers. She states in the Autumn edition of Consumer Directions that ‘All businesses regardless of size or industry must be looking to learn about AI now.’ She says the best approach to learning is: read, listen to podcasts and webinars, and trial or experiment yourself with different AI. Additionally, learn about the ethical frameworks so that you are able to commence an AI journey or roadmap with ethical principles in mind so that bias and discrimination are avoided. Dr Wallace is a keynote speaker at the SYMPOSIUM SNACK SIZE on How Customers Can Navigate Good and Bad Robots.

Read more about ethical business behaviour in the Industry Insider CEO Blog where Fiona Brown considers whether the rise in empathy we are seeing in our communities in the midst of the pandemic is the catalyst to support ethical business transformation across wider business operations. Also consider SOCAP online training on Ethics for Complaint Professionals, essential training for business, professional and organisational ethics.