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Good storytelling can benefit your business

Friday 14, Aug 2020

Effectively telling your business stories, collated from complaints and feedback, can build relationships, make people care about your service and can lead to a significant Return on Investment (ROI). Learn the Science of Storytelling: Winning Commitment Within Your Organisation, an on-demand webinar that shows how you can stand out from the crowd with stories that influence, teach and inspire.

As identified in the SOCAP ROI of Effective Complaints Management research report, every dollar invested in complaints handling has a potential return of up to $10 for the organisation. The study discovered it’s often the ‘extended benefits’ such as positive word-of-mouth, staff satisfaction and product/service improvements made from complaints that drive much of the ROI.

Product and service improvements are achieved from understanding your business products which is achieved through the effective collection, reading and utilisation of your complaint handling data. Use your business data to tell stories that describe your organisation, explain how you have adapted to suit the challenges of our times, how you are better meeting customer needs and supporting your staff and communities.