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How financial abuse is tied to domestic violence

Monday 15, Feb 2021

Many people know domestic and family violence is an urgent problem, but not many realise it is closely tied to financial abuse. It is a complex issue and unfortunately there’s not one easy answer for how we tackle this. But the best course of action will require a collaborative, whole-of-community approach. A big part of tackling this effectively is ensuring that we’re talking about it as a society, openly and transparently. We need to continue to have these conversations across different industries – community, business, and government – but also need to continue to have conversations at a community level; talking about what financial abuse is, what the signs are, and where to get support and help.

What should customer care and complaints teams be mindful of? 

  1. Make it safe for a customer to disclose 
  2. give your customer options instead of deciding what you think might be the best outcome 
  3. know your vulnerability processes (or create them!) 
  4. know when to escalate. 
  5. don’t litigate a customer’s experience

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